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The Reality Of What Is Really Happening On The Ground In Ukraine

Why can’t the mainstream media just tell us the truth?

When it comes to the war in Ukraine, getting accurate information has proven to be rather daunting. From the Russian media and pro-Russian sources, we are getting an endless stream of Russian propaganda, and I suppose that is to be expected. On the other side, the mainstream media in the western world is often just regurgitating Ukrainian propaganda and repackaging it as “truth”. For example, an article that was bring widely circulated earlier today says that the Russians “could buckle in 10 days” and it claims that the Ukrainians are inflicting catastrophic losses on the Russian military. Day after day, we are being told that the Ukrainians are on the verge of victory, and of course that is complete and utter hogwash. The Russians continue to win more territory, and the Ukrainian military has been suffering defeat after defeat. But the Ukrainians want to project a positive narrative, because that gives them the best chance of enlisting outside help.

Personally, the people that I feel really bad for are all of the innocent Ukrainians that are stuck in the middle of this conflict. Millions are needlessly suffering, and so let us hope that the shooting will end soon.

Most Americans don’t realize this, but the Russians are actually offering to end the conflict if six major conditions are met

  1. No NATO membership and a neutral position.

  2. Russian should be the second official language of Ukraine, with laws prohibiting it abolished.

  3. Recognise Crimea as Russian territory.

  4. Recognise the independence of Donetsk and Lugansk.

  5. Demilitarisation of Ukraine and abandonment of weapons that could be a threat to the Kremlin.

  6. Banning of ultra-nationalist parties and organisations in Ukraine.

But you won’t hear much about this on the major cable news channels, will you?

And that is because it doesn’t fit with the narrative that they are currently pushing.

I definitely understand the desire of many people to root for the underdog, but the reality of the matter is that the Ukrainian armed forces are greatly outmatched.

On the eastern front, the Russians just flattened the town of Avdeevka and essentially wiped out the Ukrainian 95th Airmobile Brigade

The big news of the day is that the Russian forces finally decided to, shall we say, change pace, and by all account the intensity of the artillery, aerial bombing and missile barrage which hit the Ukie forces in the town of Avdeevka was absolutely unprecedented and following this barrage the LDNR forces broke through 8 kilometers of just about the most heavily defended sectors in the entire theater or operations. The Ukrainian 95th Airmobile Brigade (one of the most combat capable unit of the Ukrainian Army!) was defending this sector. According to reports, this entire brigade was basically wiped out.

The truth is that what the Russians just did to Avdeevka could be done to every single major city in all of Ukraine.

The Russians possess immense conventional firepower, and in this case it appears that they were trying to send a message to the other Ukrainian units that are now essentially encircled in the “cauldron” in the east…

So, not only did Russian encircle the entire Ukrainian forces in an operational cauldron, she then proceeded to cut that single force into two smaller cauldrons (but both still contained in the bigger, operational, cauldron) and now as a show of force, she destroyed the most combat capable Ukrainian unit in the most heavily defended town. The “message” here is clear: we strongly encourage you to lay down arms or else…

Meanwhile, we may be about to see a new major operation in the south.

According to multiple sources, a Russian naval task force appears to be heading toward the Odessa area for a potential amphibious landing

Russian Navy ships can be seen in satellite imagery approaching the Ukrainian Coast. The Sentinel 2 satellite image, taken at 11:47 local time, shows at least 14 vessels. The vessels were found by Naval News with the help of Damien Symon, an independent defense analyst. Preliminary analysis of the vessels suggests 3 groups. Two are made up of combatants, and one has several landing ships. The landing ships appear to have sailed directly from their staging position off the Crimean coast. Analysts are searching the imagery for more vessels.

Over in Mariupol, the Russians are using devastating tactics that they employed during the two Chechen wars

Rockets rained down on Mariupol, a port city on the Sea of Azov of about half a million people, over the weekend targeting residential blocks and systematically flattening suburban areas of the city. During the two Chechen wars, rather than sending troops to try and take the city, the Russian army simply flattened it with sustained shelling and then just marched in across a sea of rubble.

This is why the Russians have only encircled most of the major Ukrainian cities that they have approached so far.

It is essentially siege warfare. The Russians are cutting off supply routes, and they will relentlessly pound opposing forces until they either surrender or are wiped out.

It isn’t a fair fight, and the death toll is rising with each passing day.

Fox News reporter Steve Harrigan just returned from Ukraine, and this is his assessment of the conflict…

I think for me, Ukraine is a done deal. It’s flattened and they lost.

Sadly, that is a very accurate assessment.

But the western media is still encouraging Americans, Canadians and Europeans to volunteer to fight with the Ukrainian military.

Of course this isn’t anything like the wars in Iraq or Afghanistan. When you go to war against Russia, you can be suddenly killed by a cruise missile while you are sleeping

THREE British ex-special forces troops are feared to have been killed following a deadly Russian airstrike on a base close to the Polish border. It is believed they died instantly in the cruise missile blast which reportedly killed several more than previously through – possibly well over 100 – according to the Daily Mirror. Insiders have said the three men were not part of the foreign fighters unit that was being trained at the Yavoriv base on the edge of the border with Poland. It remains unclear which branch of special forces they had served in.

And once you get over to Ukraine, there is a very good chance that they may not ever let you leave.

If you doubt this, just listen to this testimony from someone that was miraculously able to make it out of the country.

Those that are pro-Russia get upset with me because I am not cheering for the Russians to win.

And those that are pro-Ukraine get upset with me because I am not cheering for the Ukrainians to win.

But this is not a game.

I was strongly advocating for peace before the war erupted, and I am strongly advocating for peace now.

So many are needlessly dying, and the longer this war stretches on the more likely it is that it will lead to a global nuclear conflict.

And if a global nuclear conflict happens, billions of people could die.

So I am not ashamed to be rooting for peace.

Unfortunately, leaders on both sides are making very foolish decisions, and so I don’t expect the shooting to end very soon.



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