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These Images Of Regime Thugs Brutalizing Women Will Haunt Canada Forever

After this, the world will never look at Canada the same way again. Once upon a time, Canada was such a civilized place, but now regime thugs are brutalizing women in the streets. Many of us were raised at a time when men were still taught to never, ever hit women, and so to see police in Ottawa do what they are doing is beyond shocking. This is absolutely sickening behavior by Trudeau’s minions, and those involved should go to prison.

Let me give you an example of what I am talking about. Here is a video clip of Ottawa police literally trampling a woman with their horses

How evil do you have to be in order to do something like that?

And here is a photo of the aftermath of the trampling incident…

This truly is Canada’s Tiananmen Square.

Should the police that brutalized this woman be treated like heroes?

No, they should be behind bars.

Canada is now a lawless society, and the way that the Trudeau regime has handled these protests is utterly shameful.

Here is one more video of Ottawa police dragging a helpless man between trucks so that they can viciously attack him out of sight of the cameras.

Unfortunately for them, one camera was still watching

Images such as these will haunt Canada forever.

And shame on anyone that still supports the Trudeau regime after what we have just witnessed.

This is not how civilized nations act, and Canada will never be the same after this.



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