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What In The World Are U.S. Troops Doing In Ukraine?

What is the Biden administration doing?

U.S. troops are not supposed to be in Ukraine, but for some reason they are there anyway. When I first saw the video footage that I am about to share with you, I thought that there must be some mistake. Sending U.S. troops into Ukraine after we publicly said that we would not is inevitably going to inflame tensions in the region even more. But apparently some “genius” in the Biden administration thought that this would be a good idea.

Let’s take a moment to review. Earlier this month, the Biden administration announced that it would be sending 3,000 U.S. troops to NATO allies in central and eastern Europe. The following comes from CNN

President Joe Biden has formally approved the deployment of 3,000 US troops to Poland, Germany and Romania, the Pentagon announced Wednesday, in a move to bolster NATO countries in Eastern Europe with tens of thousands of Russian troops amassed along Ukraine’s border. The deployments to Eastern Europe, which were first reported by CNN, are a show of support to NATO allies feeling threatened by Russia’s military moves near Ukraine and the threat of an invasion, US officials said.

But none of those troops were supposed to go to Ukraine.

In fact, CBS News and other media outlets specifically reported that the Biden administration had “ruled out” sending U.S. troops into Ukraine…

The U.S. has ruled out sending American combat troops to Ukraine as the country braces for a possible Russian invasion that President Joe Biden has warned could come any time.

Someone didn’t get the memo, because apparently U.S. troops are in Ukraine right now.

The following is a clip from ABC News that shows members of the Florida National Guard “in western Ukraine” training members of the Ukrainian military how to properly use the weapons that Biden has been sending to them…

It would be bad enough if we had a few spec ops teams there covertly training the Ukrainians.

But in the video clip that you just saw, ordinary members of the Florida National Guard are openly training the Ukrainians with the cameras rolling.

Needless to say, the Russians are not going to be happy about this.

Just imagine how we would feel if the Russians had troops in Canada training the Canadians how to fight against us with weapons that they had provided.

While Trump was in the White House we didn’t have ongoing problems with the Russians, but ever since Biden took over his team has been provoking the Russians over and over again.

And as we continue to provoke the Russians, Biden’s national security adviser Jake Sullivan is warning us that a Russian invasion of Ukraine “could happen as soon as tomorrow”

I believe that Jake Sullivan will go down as the worst national security adviser in U.S. history, and that is really saying something.

Sullivan absolutely hates the Russians, and he almost seems to relish the idea of some sort of a major confrontation with them.

Well, he better be careful what he is wishing for, because he just might get it.



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