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This is How 18 Top Political Voices Reacted When They Heard That Roe Is Likely To Be Overturned…

All of a sudden, abortion is the biggest political issue in America once again. During the weeks and months ahead, we are going to have an unprecedented national debate about abortion, and the whole world will be watching.

Ultimately, overturning Roe v. Wade is not going to change that much. It is what comes afterwards that really matters. Will at least some U.S. states decide to completely ban abortion, or will we witness an absolutely colossal backlash against the Supreme Court’s decision that will result in America embracing abortion more than ever before? Unfortunately, I am deeply concerned that it may be the latter.

The midterm elections are about six months away, and I think that the results of those elections will tell us a lot.

If Republicans dominate those elections like they were originally projected to do, I think that will be a really positive sign.

But if Democrats perform very strongly now that abortion has become the top issue, I think that will be an exceedingly negative sign.

Needless to say, our politicians are going to try to squeeze as much mileage out of this issue as they possibly can. The following is how 18 top political voices reacted when they heard that Roe is likely to be overturned…

“The idea that we’re gonna make a judgment that is going to say that no one can make the judgment to choose to abort a child based on a decision by the Supreme Court I think goes way overboard.”
“Women in almost half the country could see their access to abortion severely limited,” Harris said. “In 13 of those states, women could lose access to abortion immediately and outright. Those Republican leaders who are trying to weaponize the use of the law against women… how dare they! How dare they tell a woman what she can do and what she can’t do with her own body! How dare they! How dare they try to stop her from determining her own future! How dare they try to deny women their rights and their freedoms!”
“We’re asking you to join with the activists who’ve been sounding the alarm on this issue for years —and act. Stand with them at a local protest. Volunteer with them on a campaign.”
“Half the states roughly, half the states will permit abortions and half the states are going to severely restrict them,” said former Trump economic adviser Larry Kudlow later on. “I don’t know any states that will stop abortions. So people will be free to choose where they want to live, what state, what jurisdiction.”

“And yeah, well, a lot of people are very happy about that. So some people maybe say it’s my fault. And some people say, thank you very much.”

For decades, much of the debate about abortion has centered on when life begins.

But at this point, many on the left are now openly admitting that they would support abortion even if life begins at conception. For example, just check out this very disturbing video

This is yet another sign of how far we have fallen as a nation.

Before judgment is rendered in a court of law, evidence of guilt is always presented.

And I think that right now evidence of our guilt is being brought out for the whole world to see.

If we do not change our ways now, we should fully expect judgment to be rendered upon us.

Perhaps you think that I am being too harsh.

If that is the case, let me ask you a question.

What does a nation that has killed more than 60 million babies actually deserve?



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